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Young at Heart

The "Young at Heart" class at CBC is targeted for mature adults in the later one-third of their lives. 

Typically the members are free of immediate family and work responsibilities, giving them time to serve one another's needs.  One member suggested that we are "Senior Saints Seriously Studying the Scriptures."


     a. To continue to grow in grace and the knowledge of God's word

     b. Study the scriptures in such a way as always present Jesus, his life and teachings as the focal point

     c. Provide a comfortable environment to share our lives with each other, both in and out of the classroom

     d. Be supportive of each other as we go through the aging process and lose some of the freedoms we
         had a younger individuals 

Study Topics

Our studies come straight from books of the Bible. Most recently, we have studied the Minor Prophets and the book of Luke


Teaching Style

Some lecture mixed with lots of large group discussion.  Humor is a vital part of learning so it is readily mixed in.  We attempt to look not only at what the scripture says, but how can it be applied to one's life.