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Facility Request

Facility Use Request
By submitting this form, you are requesting the use of the facility, not reserving it.  If we are able to approve your request, you will be informed of any special instructions, any fees, and given any further questions we may need answered.  Thank you.
Request Must Be Received a Minimum of 30 Day Prior to the Event
We no longer rent or loan out equipment for non-church events. This includes talbles and chairs
Your Name         Email 
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Is this a CBC function? Yes     No Your Group or Organization 
Date of Event  (Start Date if Ongoing)
Request must be received at least 30 days prior to the event date
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End Date  (if ongoing)
Purpose of Event/Activity  Number of People Expected  
Rooms Requested (Check all that apply) Equipment Needed
Sanctuary   Gymnasium   Fireside Room
Kitchen       Library            Youth Room
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Tables       How Many 
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Podium    Projector/Screen   DVD Player
Sound Equipment -  List needs 
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